4K Microfluidics

4K DLP Projector that allows researchers to push boundaries and at the same time print more parts.

4K Quality with every print

Print microfluidic chips with exceptional surface finish, transparency and detail. With the CADworks 4K µMicrofluidics Printer you can achieve print clear chips with ease.

MasterMold for PDMS

Print Features: 50µm

Create reusable master moulds within one hour (dependent on height) utilizing the CADWorks 4K µMicrofluidics Printer and our proprietary resin developed for PDMS applications. Expect material costs to be approximately $5 per mould (size dependent). Channel size on the part (shown in video & background): 60µm.

Why 4K?​

4K UHD Technology

Wider Build Area

Resins formulated for Microfluidics

Easy to use

4K UHD Projector

Build Area – 120x67x190mm

Wavelength – 365/385/405nm

X:Y Resolution – 30µm