The new toolbox for Jewellers

Crafting Exquisite JewelryThe MiiCraft employs cutting-edge DLP (Digital Light Projection) technology, which enables high-resolution printing. By utilizing our state-of-the-art proprietary optics system, the printer excels at producing exceptional jewelry models with utmost precision and detail.

Create Elegant Jewellery

3D Print Elegant Rings and other jewellery items with a X:Y Resolution of 30-65um bringing your jewellery peices to life.


Whether you need to cast one custom piece or a large production, our materials will meet and exceed your quality expectations. MiiCraft printing resins are formulated to provide clean burnout and casting stability. Proven castability from Silver to Platinum.

Meeting all your needs

The 3D Printer  is capable of building over 35 rings (size dependent) in one print session. The 3D Printer allows you to manufacture in-house, allowing you to Design, Print & Cast in a day.

Tony Davis, CEO

“Great service. We are happy with the printers.”