Widely Compatible to 3rd Party Resins

Model NumberModel NamePrint-out featuresPrint-out examplesApplication
BV002AModel Black

Fine and precise printing parts. Materials for high resolution rapid prototyping.Rapid prototyping
BV007AMicro-structure TransparentSuitable for printing microchannel and any parts requiring translucency.Micro smallMicrofluidics, Transparent parts
BV005CDental Model CaramelPrecise and matte surface printing parts, suitable for surface detail checking. Economical choice.Dental model,Rapid prototyping
BV011AJewelry Cast UHD GREENCastable and high resolution printing parts, also excellent in its casting results.Jewelry(Castable)
BV022IP High-ResistantToughness and maintain flexibility. Impact resistant.Functional Parts & Rapid Prototyping
BV032Flexible TransparentA flexible and rubber-like resin, suitable for printing medical organ models. Can print soft and high tear resistance parts.Medical, Rapid Prototyping
Graphy TC-85DAC The world’s first direct aligner material with a 3D printer. A biocompatible, nontoxic, hypoallergenic material. 
BV024Graphy S-100innovative material with high heat and abrasion resistance. High strength and Low-shrinkage.Medical, Rapid Prototyping
BV033Graphy Soft 100Soft, durable and flexible resin which has cushioning. Thin or hollow shape can be bent.Medical, Rapid Prototyping
BV034Graphy TE-100Soft and elastic material which feels like Silicone. High elongation and high elastic properties enables to produce medical and various types of industry.Medical, Rapid Prototyping
BASF RG35IP Transparent BASFA tough and high resolution industrial resin, suitable for rapid prototyping, functional parts, design verification. Can print surface details and easy for surface coloring.Engineering, Functional Parts & Rapid Prototyping
BV023ALoctite 3843Strong and durable printing parts, able to undergo periods of stress or strain.Engineering, Functional Parts & Rapid Prototyping
BV025IND147A Black, low viscosity, and high heat deflection temperature (HDT) resin. Exhibit extremely high temperature resistance with minimal deformation.Rapid Prototyping, Functional parts
BV035Loctite 5010Low viscosity yet high performance tough silicone elastomer. The self-leveling characteristic, fast speed of cure and low shrinkage are key properties for prototyping.Rapid Prototyping, Insole & Functional parts
BV036Loctite 5015A silicone-like flexible resin. The resin is silicon base and low viscosity, can print out tough silicone elastomer, suitable for printing insole, and functional parts.Rapid Prototyping, Insole & Functional parts