Print elegant rings and other jewellery items


Print dental models, ortho, aligners, castable and crown and bridges 


Print microfluidic parts and develop and research resins


Flexible and Open System

Up to 125x70mm X:Y printing size

 2 arches / 36+ rings in one print cycle(*size dependent)

Printing Volume

Open with the widest range of resins

Flexible and editable parameter setting

High Resolution

Full HD UV LED projection engine with 30um X:Y resolution

Excellent optical system designed for 3DP with high image qu

Superior Optical System

405nm LED configurations with high optical efficiency

DLP technology with entire layer exposed by a single fixed image pattern arches / 36+ rings in one print cycle(*size dependent)


MiiUtility (PC | Window 7 and above)

  • Multi Printer Searching & Accessing
  • Printing File Transfer:
    • Compatible with .SLC, .ZIP(PNG), .CWS, .
  • Printing Optimization
    • Surface Smoothing
    • Edge Enhancement & Blurring
    • Turbo Printing Speed Model

MiiController (Browser via Ethernet)

  • Printer Control via Ethernet Browsers
  • Powerful Customized Printing Parameter Settings
  • Direct Printing by USB Flash
  • Model Preview & Real Time Printing Status Monitoring

Techical Specifications


Resin tank is one of the key factors to make a successful printing. It needs to be replaced regularly, depending on the frequency of printing.

Picker/Build Plate 

Picker is the platform of print-outs. It’s important to make sure the platform surface is clean before starting to print.


Use putty knife to scrape away the excess printed model on the picker.