The 3D Printer Designed as an all-in-one Solution for Microfluidics.

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MiiCraft is the leading 3D Printer for Microfluidics with Exceptional Surface Finish and Transparency

Performance in Numbers

$ 1
Per chip*

Average cost to outsource is $500

Chips per day*

Print 15 high quality chips with ease

1 %

Best customer support in the industry.

1 %

Design, print and test  chips within a day without the need to outsource

Technical Details

Who is it for?

The 3D Printer is optimized for universities and research institutions who have tight deadlines and require high quality parts .

Master Mould for PDMS Applications

Create reusable master moulds within one hour (dependent on height) utilizing the MiiCraft and our proprietary resin developed for PDMS applications. Expect material costs to be approximately $5 per mould (size dependent).

3D Print Clear Chips

Print microfluidic chips with exceptional surface finish, transparency and detail. With the MiiCraft you can achieve a minimum channel width of 70µm and height of 30µm.

Droplet System

  • 3D print multilayer microfluidic devices for parallel droplet generation and mixing applications
  • Ease in creating multilayer Devices
  • Optimized for rapid and robust solution for fabricating a variety of microfluidic devices


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