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We offer multiple application specific models with different specifications ranging from 30µm to 78µm in resolution and build size range from 57x32x120mm to 150×84.4x120mm. For further information see Specs under resources.

The strengths of a dedicated LED DLP light engine is the only way to create an efficient, fine-tuned 3D printer at the exact 405 nm wavelength, which is the optimal wavelength needed to cure the vast majority of the 3D printer resins.  An off the shelf home projector is turned into a 3D printer when the UV filter, which is located inside the unit, is removed in order to access this 405nm wavelength. By doing so, the home projector is now running at 90% of its full power output. This excess in power starts to decade the projector within months.   In the case of the dedicated CADworks3D LED DLP projector, the power output needed to run the printer is only 20%, and this results in an excellent use of power without any degradation of power or the LED DLP projector. In comparison to the home projector, when the CADworks3D projector was tested at 90% output and the results show no degradation of power or effectiveness in over one year of daily use under normal conditions.

UV LED projector and current projectors are rated at 25,000 hours.

A DLP in runs on the base of layers and layers polymerisations, based on photosensitive resin reacting to light

 The surface finish is very smooth & best in class.

Our training is primarily conducted via phone and team-viewer. Using this method, we have successfully trained in most cases. However, rest assure we have trained plenty of distant customers who have been successful with team-viewer conferencing and telephone calling.

Simply put, No.  Each and every CADworks3D Printer is shipped from the factory fully calibrated for immediate use.  As an additional service to our customers, we do an additional calibration before we send out each and every unit. It involves printing a calibration block before we ship out each printer. Packaging and shipping the printer and upon landing to our customer’s location, we immediately print the same calibration block to ensure that there was no damage done during shipping.

The CADworks3D 3D printer has been built to be a 3D printer from the ground up. All the parts and components have been specifically built and engineered for 3D printing.  The light engine is the key feature of all resin based 3D printers, since this is the component that cures and builds the 3D printed model. The CADworks3D printer uses a LED DLP light engine specifically made for 3D printers, unlike other commercially available printers that use a standard home projector to serve as the light engine.  The teflon vats, which houses the resin, is amongst the least expensive on the market. Each CADworks3D vat will cost US$125, in other available systems these vats can cost upward to US$500. Teflon vats last from 3 to 6 months, based on use and experience when handling the vat itself. During these 3 to 6 months, the vat itself does not need to be replaced. An experienced user may see a longer lifespan when using the vat. The CADworks3D printer does not need to be calibrated when you receive it.  All of the calibration is done during manufacturing and is fixed in place before shipping. The CADworks3D printer does NOT come with any additional recurring costs related to the slicing software or maintenance.

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